Beginning in August 2020, new regulations and new policies regarding sexual harassment under Title IX go into effect. In particular, school districts are obligated to provide specialized training for any employee who plays a role in the grievance process, whether the individual serves as the Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Facilitator or Decision-Maker (for the initial determination and on appeal).

As part of our Title IX Training Series, Mickes O’Toole is proud to offer different training modules for these individual roles. Explained in more detail below, our training sessions keep your district in compliance under Title IX and offer cost-effective and practical professional development opportunities for your staff.

Title IX Coordinator Training (4 hrs) | Learn More Here

The new policies and regulations under Title IX add extra responsibilities for employees and modify many common practices for your district. This session covers the Title IX process from front to back, providing attendees with training and guidance on how to monitor compliance, implement policies, evaluate complaints, conduct investigations, enforce disciplinary actions, and maintain proper documentation. Individuals who are serving as a Title IX Coordinator and any other employees at your district who are tasked with playing an active role in Title IX compliance should receive this comprehensive and wide-ranging training.

Title IX Workshop(2 hrs) | Learn More Here

This two hour in-depth and detailed Title IX Workshop is for those who have already attended the standard Title IX Coordinator Training.

Title IX Training for Investigators and Facilitators (2 hrs) | Learn More Here

The new regulations for Title IX create specific procedures for investigations and informal resolutions. If you intend to serve as an Investigator or Facilitator (or both, as the Title IX Coordinator) for your school district, this targeted training will explain your role in the formal complaint process. Through scenario-based exercises and small group discussions, we offer best practices for interactions with complainants and respondents, witness interviews, evidence gathering, investigative reports, and mediated resolutions.

Title IX Training for Decision-Makers (2 hrs) | Learn More Here

Whether at the initial “determination of responsibility” level or later on appeal, every decision-maker for a school district is required to have Title IX training on their role in the formal complaint process. We use scenarios and small group discussions to provide training on final reports, “gate-keeper” decisions on questions and relevancy, and appropriate remedies, corrective actions, and discipline in the context of Title IX.