Vincent Reese
Vincent D. Reese

When Vincent D. Reese made the leap from one of St. Louis’ largest law firms to Mickes O’Toole in 2016, he did so knowing the move potentially could afford him greater leadership opportunities.

What he didn’t expect was just how quickly the opportunity would present itself: In 2017, less than a year after joining, he became the firm’s managing partner.

Under his leadership, Mickes O’Toole has seen a 66 percent growth in headcount and has increased diversity. The firm has increased from 12 attorneys to 20 and has added practice areas.

“We tried to grow and diversify ourselves over the past three years as one of our strategic objectives,” Reese said. “We expect to continue to grow and diversify ourselves going forward.”

In addition to its more diverse practice areas, the firm itself has grown to support and encourage more diverse attorneys and leadership. Today, women and people of color make up 70 percent of the firm’s attorneys, 70 percent of the firm’s partners and 78 percent of the firm’s staff altogether.

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Originally Published: August 15, 2019